About RiderCise

RiderCise fitness programmes have been created for riders by a fitness and therapy professional who is also a keen equestrian. That means the programmes are specifically designed to shape you into a fit, confident and effective rider. They also slot neatly around all the other demands of a horsey lifestyle; delivering short, challenging workouts that get results.

But what makes RiderCise the perfect choice for riders around the world who want to improve their fitness and their partnership with their horse?

RiderCise was founded by Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist Clare Gangadeen in 2016.

The idea for RiderCise was borne from a crisis of confidence Clare experienced after falling from her beautiful but big-moving new Friesian mare. As a fitness specialist and fanatic with a body sculpted to be strong, lean and responsive, Clare was shocked by her struggle to adapt to her new horse’s paces. The fall left her questioning her own competence in the saddle, but after some reflection it dawned on her that cardiovascular fitness and strength may not be the only elements of being ‘riding fit’.

Clare realised balance, flexibility, core strength and endurance were all as equally important as strength and fitness for rider conditioning. It was with that philosophy in mind that Clare develop the RiderCise programmes. Her expertise in personal training, knowledge of human physiology and passion for riding gives Clare a unique approach that gets results.

Clare’s expertise has helped everyone from leisure riders right through to professionals competing on the international stage in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines. If youv'e ever felt that a lack of fitness has held you back in the saddle or prevented you from achieving the competitive results you deserve, why not take a closer look? RiderCise fitness programmes are:

  • Accessible - you can do them on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Short and easy-to-understand - Clare knows how much spare time horses use up.
  • Simple - they can be done anywhere, at any time and don't need lots of equipment.
  • Affordable – a full 6-week programme costs the same as just one or two personal training sessions at the gym.