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10% Discount - Mad Mucker Clothing (UK Shipping Only)

Mad Mucker clothing looks good, fits well, washes even better - and doesn't break the bank! Our Riding Leggings, Performance Tops, and Hoodies can all be worn to ride in, workout in, muck out in - or take you for a spin round the supermarket or around at the bar!!

As a RiderCise Subscriber you get a 10% discount across the whole site, EVERY time you shop.

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20% Discount

Groen Equestrian

The Groen Equestrian Endurance Community platform enables riders across the world the opportunity to learn how to achieve good results through correct horse training and management.

As a RiderCise Subscriber, Groen Equestrian is offering all riders 20% off any paid tutorials, AND the full Endurance: Step by Step course.

To get started you will need to join as a Free member where you can start to view all the free material available.

When you are ready, simply click the button and enter your RiderCise Discount code at checkout.

Discount Code: RiderCise20

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De-Complicating Dressage

The De-Complicating Dressage 'Hub' helps riders across the world develop their confidence, improve knowledge and give them the tools they need to train their horses, the right way.

As a member, you will have access to expert-written articles, on-horse exercises, and workshops and you can even have your riding analysed by Jessica personally.

All subscribers get 1 FREE month to the HUB. Simply click the button and complete the form

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Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions

Saddle Exchange specialise in saddles for Native Ponies, Cobs, and Wide Horses. Arabs, High withered Throughbreds and Sports Horses. Iberian, Icelandic, and Friesians.

We have over 20 years of experience designing and fitting saddles. Traveling UK wide and internationally on organised tours to service all our existing and new clients.

All subscribers £50 off any new saddle purchased directly from Saddle Exchange

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